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Request a Lieutenancy Visit

The Lord-Lieutenant attends a wide range of events and ceremonies every year in North Yorkshire as the representative of His Majesty The King. Events attended include voluntary and charity initiatives, award ceremonies and community functions of local significance, and the Lord-Lieutenant attends when it is not possible to arrange a Royal visit.

If appropriate, when there is something wonderful to celebrate in North Yorkshire, or somebody special to thank, the Lord-Lieutenant, Vice Lord-Lieutenant or one of her Deputy Lieutenants could be invited to attend to represent His Majesty The King.

If you would like to request a Lieutenancy visit please email the Lieutenancy Office with details of your event. It is important that you give as much notice as possible, but a minimum of four weeks is requested. Appropriate requests will be given every consideration, but please bear in mind that the Lord-Lieutenant receives far more invitations than she, or her Deputy Lieutenants can attend. The Lieutenancy attends in excess of 200 events each year, but inevitably it is not possible to accept every invitation. Please include the following information:

  • Date of the proposed event, arrival and departure times
  • Venue address and postcode
  • Background information on the organisation and event
  • Why the organiser believes that a visit by the Lord-Lieutenant is relevant
  • Full contact details of the organiser
  • Details of any specific duties you would like the Lord-Lieutenant or her representatives to undertake

You will receive a written response to your invitation within two weeks and, if the invitation is accepted, you will be asked to complete an engagement form requesting detailed information, event programme and speech notes (if applicable), dress code, parking details etc. A copy of this form is downloadable at the link below.

Organisation and protocols for Lieutenancy visits

For detailed information about organisation and protocols for Lieutenancy visits please click the links below.

Approach to His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire


Mrs Johanna Ropner
HM Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
c/o Mrs Fiona Saxby
Camp Hill
North Yorkshire
Phone:01845 567176

Etiquette & Protocol

The purpose of the protocol is not to add unnecessary formality but to reduce confusion and ensure people feel comfortable. The Lord- Lieutenant represents His Majesty The King and, when the Lord-Lieutenant is attending an event in her official capacity, she should be received with the same degree of etiquette and protocol as any member if the Royal Family.

The correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant is as follows:

  • Written: Mrs Johanna Ropner, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
  • Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant
  • Speech: In a preamble the Lord-Lieutenant should be referred to as “My Lord-Lieutenant”
  • In conversation: Mrs Johanna Ropner should be initially addressed as “Lord-Lieutenant”.

Should the Lord-Lieutenant be represented by her Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Mr Christopher Legard DL, or a Deputy Lieutenant, the above should be adapted accordingly i.e. ‘Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant’, 'Dear Deputy Lieutenant'

Other key points of protocol to follow include:

  • Parking: A car parking space for the Lord-Lieutenant should be reserved as close as possible to the venue entrance.
  • Greeting: The Lord-Lieutenant should be met on arrival by the host of the event, and generally escorted throughtout by a senior event figure.
  • Seating: The Lord-Lieutenant should be treated as the principal guest, which may mean, for example, being seated on the right of the host at sit-down functions.
  • Arrival & Depature: In general, the Lord-Lieutenant should be last to arrive and first to leave.

The above protocols are simply designed to ensure that events go smoothly and so that everyone knows what they are doing. The Lieutenancy Office are always able to advise on the details of your particular event.

Church Services

For church services other than funerals, the Lord-Lieutenant or her representative, enters last and leaves first, accompanied throughout by a senior figure. The usual arrangement is for the Lord-Lieutenant to be seated at the front of the nave on the south side. At funerals, the Lord-Lieutenant or her representative always enters the church last (two minutes before the start of the service and before the coffin) and always leaves straight after the family. If the famly is on the south side, the Lord-Lieutenant sits on the north side at the front and on the aisle edge.